Terms and conditions of using Wi-Fi Service provided by ITMO Universit

It is prohibited:

1. Send the username and password to work in the wireless access network to third parties.

2. Restrict access to other users or create obstacles to other users when using the Service.

3. To distribute spam, malicious programs (viruses), use open relays, send advertising, informational and other materials without the consent (or in the absence of an application).

4. To distribute pornographic materials, calls for violence, overthrow of authority and other information forbidden for distribution on the territory of the Russian Federation.

5. Violate the rules for the use of any Internet resources established by the ITMO University (here and after referred to as the Operator) and/or owners of these resources and/or cause any damage to the Operator's resources, users of the Internet and other networks that can be accessed via the Internet.

6. (Unauthorized) access into any technological components (nodes), programs, databases and other components of the Operator's network, as well as to perform any other actions that may harm the Operator, the owners of resources on the Internet and/or Internet users.

7. Send, transmit, reproduce, provide, or in any form use information, software, or other materials, in whole or in part, received through the Services, including those protected by copyright and other intellectual rights, without the consent of the copyright holder/author/information provider/authorized representative.

8. Use custom equipment as proxy servers, routers, and so on for any other computers connected through them, subnets, etc.

9. Perform other actions not listed above and contradict the generally accepted norms of using Internet resources or threatening the integrity of the Operator's communications network.

Full rules text is available online at page (in Russian).